Famous Poems Poetry Happy New Year 2021

Be the king, be the knight;
wade through dark undefeated;
you never get surprised;
prize of courage you get;
respect and likes;
happy new year 2021 with aspirations high.

It is a new road ahead,
why you are so bored so dead,
tread it with courage,
and you would see your all problems resolved,
may this Happy New Year bring you all this that you wish.

You are my love. I say you this.
You are my life, I wish this.
This New Year bring us all happiness together
that we remain together forever for life.
It would be a bliss.
This Happy New Year, for us, will be like this.

We are a family, like a dense green tree,
which is laden with flowers and fruits,
that never grow rotten and die.
On this new year and every new year,
we always remain like this family,
like this dense tree, always smiling and growing.

Happy New Year, this year and every year,
and all coming new years, that you going to see.
What you want you get; love, life, experience, zest and best.
It is life that’s best, and rest doesn’t matter.

It could be weak you all remain,
could not hold up to what you promised to yourself.
But why you worry, it is not the end.
A new day is approaching,
when everything gets replenished, and you too.
So stand up, buckle up, and
get ready for another ride that must come for you fulfilled.

Hey! My love, why you so above,
why you don’t talk to me? It is killing.
I keep all our disputes aside,
and we preside on a new ride that is
coming on this New Year. Be mine, I be yours.

You keep, I keep,
a promise to be alive,
live for each other.
When you need, I be there,
not for this life but for every.

My happiness is your smile.
My sadness is your tears.
My heart is you.
Let’s be together on this new year.

Be in the new light;
in new shadow and under sun light;
may you fly with new wings feathering with swings;
and reach where you want to;
we wish you happy new year 2021 with all glorious fights.

No heat, no bad greet, no untreat you take;
this new year; you only bake new emotions with new cake;
with your friends and close ones; you cheer;
this new year, you all get awesome sweets;
wishing you happy new year 2021 with all good deeds.

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