College Students Discount on Netflix 2022

Netflix Discount is one of the best tool for promotion and increase sales for them. Through discounts, brands and companies attract new customers, instantly increase sales, and grow customer base business. Big brands offer amazing discount deals to compete in the market. Similarly, Netflix is one of the most popular brands in subscription streaming services.

Though, it does not offer any special discounts. However, it has anticipated in other ways to provide discounts including standing discounts and weekly offers. Before getting into the details of discounts offered by Netflix, let’s understand what Netflix is and why it’s popular among youth?

Netflix and its popularity

Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming services. In simple words, it is a library of movies and TV shows which you can play on your TV, Mobile, PC, etc. Netflix allows you to watch shows anytime on any compatible device.  Currently, Netflix has over 214 million paid subscribers around the globe. It is one of the most successful brands for its quality, subscriptions, and access to the most popular shows.

Netflix remains the top choice for its ease of use, lack of commercials, and original content availability. It is the best choice for streaming entertainment for students who wanted to keep a balance in their academics as well as extra-curricular activities. According to Business Insider, Netflix is 12 times as popular as its streaming competitors among youth.

Netflix subscriber numbers surge during the lockdown as the world keeps people at home where they want entertainment and fun. According to BBC reports, almost 16 million people created accounts in the first three months of the year 2021.

As Netflix gains more popularity with its amazing content, the most frequently asked question is ‘’Does Netflix have a student discount? Or can you get a discount on Netflix? Is there a Netflix student Discount? Etc. Now let’s get into details if there is any discount for students on Netflix.

Does Netflix have a Student Discount?


In college, it is difficult to manage money both for academics and entertainment. Lots of Students in the US desire to enjoy Netflix with a small amount. Though, there is nothing like Netflix discount for college students.

Despite unlimited access to Netflix through a monthly subscription of $7.99/, many students are not able to afford and buy subscription plans due to limited budgets.

As an alternative, Netflix has stepped up its Discount Vouchers for students to stream and enjoy Netflix shows and movies at a discount price. The question is how to get Netflix students discounts and free subscriptions. No worries, we will guide you through this article about student discount vouchers.

How to Get Netflix free subscription & Student


As a student, here are a few alternative ways you can Watch Netflix for free.

Netflix 30-Day unlimited Free Trial

The first alternative is Netflix’s 30-day unlimited free trial to get access. It is one of the top options for College students to Stream Netflix. Though it might take some time it works.

It’s easy to get with a few steps. All you need is an email address to log in. Also, remember, that the email address hasn’t been registered on Netflix before. Any email address used before will not work for this trick.

Note: Remember to cancel your membership before the free trial ends. Otherwise, it will charge you money.

Here are a few steps to your enjoy 30-day free trial:

  • Go to, and create your account using your email address, and click 30 days free to start your free monthly Trial.
  • Select the Plan that you prefer, since you are on a free trial, you can choose premium as well.
  • Next, create your account entering your email address that is not linked to Netflix previously and setting your password.
  • Select your payment method, it won’t charge you any money
  • Enter your name, and fill in billing information, then you are ready to start your membership.
  • Enjoy your shows, However, don’t forget to cancel your membership before 30 days expires

If your first 30-day trial ends, you can sign up again. However, use different email and billing methods, like prepaid credit cards.

Once you cancel your membership, Netflix sends an offer for another free trial, though it takes several months to work.

Meanwhile, you can use another free trial with a different email. Also, you will notice that the rate of subscription will drop to a certain amount.

Again, always remember to cancel your FREE trials, if this works for you.                       

Share your Netflix with friends and Family

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If you’re a college student, you can use your parents ’Netflix. Within one single Netflix account, you can have up to five different individual profiles. Also, it doesn’t matter what plan you’re on.

Netflix offers three different plans including:

  1. Basic Plan ( $9) with SD Resolution
  2. Standard Plan ($14) with HD Resolution
  3. Premium Plan ($18) with HD+Ultra HD Resolution

Though Netflix allows subscribers to create five different profiles it doesn’t mean you can stream Netflix on 5 devices simultaneously. For example, if you are using a basic plan, you can watch Netflix at different times of the day. When your parents are not watching anything on Netflix.

Does Netflix have policies for Password sharing?

Many people wonder is it legal to share a Netflix password with someone else. Yes, it is. Netflix password sharing is very common among friends and families. However, Netflix policy regarding content sharing is quite clearly stated as:

’ The Netflix Service and any content viewed through the service are for your personal and non-commercial use only and may not be shared with individuals beyond your household.’’

Since Netflix password sharing is getting out of hand, Netflix isn’t so cool about it. It expects College students to subscribe once they finish college.

Netflix Special Promotion as gift voucher


Usually, company’s offers Netflix plans as gift vouchers, and it is one of the best ways for college students to get access for free. Some of the companies that offer gift vouchers include:

  • Wireless Company T-Mobile with its program Netflix on the US which offers free Netflix if you have two or more lines.
  • Network provider Verizon worked on Netflix to offer a whole-year plan, which saves you $190 a year. However, they recently switched to Disney on us for 12 months promotion.
  • You can also get Netflix gift cards from leading gift card companies to include gift cards Granny, Raise, Card pool, Card Cash, and Gift Card spread, etc.

Also be careful with coupons, as mostly gift coupons websites claim that you can get 6 months for free, however, it’s not guaranteed.

How Netflix Gift card Works?

Netflix Gift Cards are available online as well as in a variety of retail stores. To stream your Netflix, you will add a Netflix gift card to your account. You can stream Netflix until the balance on the card runs out. These cards are reliable and students can get these cards as a gift and enjoy Netflix.

Take the following steps to add your card:

  • Go to manage profile and scroll down and Change payment method or change subscription plan
  • You can use google play cards or AMEX cards gift vouchers
  • To pay your bills, use the coupon number

You can buy Netflix gift cards for yourself, however, remember that these cards have an expiry date.

Netflix Alternatives that offers Student


No matter what Netflix is the king of video streaming, and it produces a lot of original content. Furthermore, there is no direct alternative to Netflix shows and movies. However, some services have exclusive movies and show similar to Netflix.

Additionally, they offer discounts for college students. These popular sites include:

  • Amazon Prime Student
  • HULU
  • YouTube Premium


The popular site Netflix does not offer any direct discount for college students at this point, however, arising competition in the market might make Netflix consider discount as a tool for promotion. Also, other competitor brands offering discounts open space for Netflix to offer discounts for youth. As it’s more popular among youth.  However, using alternative ways students can enjoy unlimited entertainment and access to the original content available on Netflix.

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